Butter Loves Local: Kensington Fitness


Spring has Sprung! Have you stuck to your New Years resolution? If yours is like ours, we're trying to stay on our fitness regimen and although it can be difficult, Kensington Fitness is here to help. As always, we've also included a new playlist and community update for our guests below. Read on for details!


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Kensington Fitness is a warm and welcoming place for people of all different levels and abilities to workout in a fun, safe, and empowering environment! They offer personal training, nutrition guidance, a juice bar, and medical care, chiropractic, active release, acupuncture, and massage therapy services to complement your overall health goals.

As our guest, Kensington Fitness is offering:

  • discounted monthly membership rate of $64/month* ($34 in savings per month),

  • $15 off your first massage service

To redeem this offer, simply call or visit Kensington Fitness and quote promo code "Hedkandi"

*Gym membership requires 30 days cancellation notice. Offer is valid until April 30, 2019


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To aid your upcoming workouts at Kensington Fitness, our resident maestro DJ Pump has created a high-energy, high-impact playlist to help you get your best workout in!

If you've got Apple Music, you can listen to and add our playlists directly to your library here. Once you've opened the link, select 'Listen on Apple Music' and then the big red 'Add' button to sync it to your library. You can also follows us @hedkandisalon to stay up to date!

Butter loves you!