Una Takeaway

Between Stampede, Folk Fest, and the million other events happening in Calgary this July, we don’t know when we’re going to have a chance to cook. Thankfully, our Hedkandi Loves Local pick for the month has us covered.

Una Takeaway

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in our city that doesn’t know and love Una Pizza. It’s a personal favourite of ours, and a place we meet regularly with friends for a glass of wine and a delicious bite. Sometimes, you just can’t wait or don’t have the time to stop in, which is why their newest venture, Una Takeaway, is so amazing!  

Now you can pop in and pick-up the pizza you love, as well as some other unique, wholesome grub perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (Might we recommend their unbeatable kale salad?). 

We want you to experience it for yourself, so all of our guests will receive 10% off of online orders. Head to their website and enter the promo code “eyeheartpizza.” 

Happy eating! 

Butter Loves You!